We are currently collecting donations for our roofs and balconies campaign.  Donations made during this time will go towards paying off the loan which the owners were required to take out to cover the costs of basic re-roofing, as well as towards work on gutters and baustrades which is yet to be done.  See our projects page for a description of current and planned campaigns.

Contribution Levels:

Over $10,000: Fleur-de-lis:  Contact us if you wish to sponsor a specific room or project!

$10,000: Sanguine

$5,000: Azure

$1,000: Argent

Other: Sable

All checks should be made out to "S.A.R.C.H." and mailed to us at 715 W. 28th St. Los Angeles, CA 90007. Tax-deductable reciept should be issued within 2 weeks of reciept of your donation.

NEW: Click here to donate via Paypal! It's faster, easier, and secure.

ALSO: for an easy way to help out, set your default search engine to GoodSearch and enter "SARCH" as your charity. Every time you use GoodSearch, money goes to S.A.R.C.H. Take it one step further by using GoodShop when you plan to make purchases online: major merchants donate a portion of their proceeds to the listed charity every time you make a purchase through GoodShop.


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