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The Andronicus Alumni Association: the group which owns the Shankland-Andronicus House.  This group works to provide quality living conditions for the active chapter, support them in their programs, and keep the alumni of the Andronicus Chapter connected.

The Andronicus Chapter: connects and supports students of architecture and the allied arts at the University of Southern California with scholarly, professional, and social programs to enhance the university experience.  The current chapter is thriving, and has won the George "So" Whitten Award, given to the chapter of Alpha Rho Chi with the highest cumulative grade point average, for two consecutive years!

Alpha Rho Chi: the website of the national fraternity with which the Andronicus Chapter is affiliated.

The University of Southern California School of Architecture: offering a Masters and a Certificate in Historic Preservation, as well as B.Arch, M.Arch, B.L.Arch, M.L.Arch, and M.B.S. programs.

The Los Angeles Conservancy: helping to preserve and recognize buildings throughout the Los Angeles area.


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