Current Campaign: Roofs and Balconies - in the summer of 2005, the Andronicus Alumni Association was forced to take out a large loan in order to re-roof the main house when it became clear that the existing roof could not survive another rainy season. S.A.R.C.H.'s current goals include repayment of the loan so that the property owners can focus on maintanence, as well as raising funds for gutters and balustrades for the porch roofs and balconies.  Estimated Cost:  $117,552

Phase 1: Priority and Preventative Measures - this includes items that are necessary to keep the house in good shape, such as ventilating the kitchen, and ensuring that all electrical, sprinkler, and gas lines are operating safely, as well as emergency repairs to the woodshop.   Estimated Cost: $174,636

Phase 2: Facade - this includes repairing and sometimes replacing the decorative trim, water table, and wood siding on the house, re-pointing the bricks, re-hanging and weather sealing doors and windows, and painting the house.  Estimated Cost: $599,736

Phase 3: First Floor Public Spaces - repairs to the living room, dining room, kitchen, and library.  Estimated Cost: $212,688

Phase 4: Bathroom Repairs - Estimated Cost: $39,984

Phase 5: Circulation Spaces - restoration of historic wood floors, plaster, and stairways, as well as re-grading the lawn for drainage purposes.  Estimated Cost: $387,876

Phase 6: Private Rooms - repairs to the bedrooms which are currently rented to architecture students.  If you love the room you used to live in, contact us about sponsoring the repairs to it.  Estimated Cost: $150,816

Continuing Endowment: this will serve to maintain the property and prevent further loss of historic features for years to come, and establish a Scholar-In-Residence program for brothers of Alpha Rho Chi who demonstrate leadership and academic success.


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